Luxury escorts Valencia Spain

It was Friday and summer had arrived in Valencia a few weeks earlier. The thermometer was running out of degrees in this heatwave, and we mortals spent the day waiting for a cool breeze to caress our skin at night. Let us not deceive ourselves: however much we love our work, as I do, going from meeting to meeting in the heat of that summer, was the least appealing of the plans.

Although I had managed to sign three important contracts that morning, when the afternoon came I didn't feel like going out to celebrate with my partners, as we used to do. Of course, I was planning a big celebration, but this time I felt like doing it on my own and at home. After a day like that, I didn't feel like going from terrace to terrace looking for the chicest atmosphere in town, O preferred to take refuge in my luxurious flat overlooking the sea enjoying a tribute to myself. Without a doubt, I deserved it.

Before going home, I decided to do some shopping. They say it's important to take care of yourself, and if I don't do it, who's going to do it for me? I bought some of my favourite gourmet products: the best ham I could find, a bottle of red wine older than me, some organic strawberries, some duck foie and some prawns from Denia. I gave myself all gastronomic whims I wanted.

Then I bought a couple of lingerie sets that would have made any woman look beautiful. I wanted to pamper myself, but also those who would accompany me during that night. I've never given much thought to this stuff, but to set the mood in the house, I also bought some things: large and aromatic candles, candles that float in water, some bath salts, massage oils, edible lubricants and some new sex toys.

When I had got everything I needed, I called my trusted agency, Marissa Escorts. As on every occasion, they listened attentively to my plans to celebrate my great work successes of the day. It was not the first time I called them and, with that confidence and good treatment that characterizes them, they congratulated me with emotion for everything I had achieved that day. Without a doubt, in this agency, they know how to make you feel at home.

Everything was ready for my big night. I came home and put the food and drink in the fridge. I put everything in its place, playing background music and lighting the candles, leaving the ones floating in the pool. The house immediately took on a very cosy and, why not say it, very sensual air. It looked like the palace of a great sheikh who would soon be filled with attentions and sweetness by beautiful women.

At the appointed time, the bell rang. When I opened the door, two imposing women smiled at me with a mischievous glance, as they offered me a bottle of my favourite wine. As I was saying, I had a long and trusting relationship with Marissa Escorts, some of their escorts know me better than I know myself! One of the models in front of me had accompanied me in some of my best and worst moments, I'm sure she chose the wine herself. The other model was new in the city and I was looking forward to meeting her, this would be the perfect occasion.

From the beginning and despite the short time that one of them had been in Valencia, I enjoyed the complicity between them. In this agency, when you ask for two escorts, you enjoy an unparalleled experience. The models get along well and can ally themselves to leave you speechless with every movement they make. There is no rivalry between them, but just the opposite: a tremendous desire to offer you the best evening you could ever dream of.

I asked them to make themselves comfortable and they went to the terrace. How nice was the sea breeze when it was getting dark, you could feel the heat accumulated during the whole day evaporating from your body. Between wine, caresses and intimate conversations, we enjoyed an unbeatable dinner. We felt as if we were in a bacchanal in Ancient Rome, but with all the comforts that modern life offered us. What a great time to be alive!

My beautiful companions were a moment to the bathroom and when they appeared again, I was excited as a child on Christmas morning to see them wearing the lingerie I had bought that afternoon. I had chosen it myself, but I couldn't help but be surprised to see each of their beautiful curves within those outfits. If perfection exists, I'm sure I witnessed it that night.

Although that experience seemed like a real gift from the Gods, what happened next was something very human: pleasure and eroticism flooded every corner of my house. We brought out our wildest and most uninhibited side, giving ourselves completely to the most absolute enjoyment. Between kisses, caresses, licks, scratches and nudity, we reached ecstasy without knowing where our bodies ended and others began.

We had such a good time that, without realizing it, we extended the night until dawn. A faint orange light surprised us by rising over the sea, right in front of the room where we were getting rid of pleasure. When we were satisfied, we enjoyed a cup of the best Moroccan mint tea, soon they would bring us the breakfast we had ordered to replenish our strength.