Escorts for Halloween night

This year, with the situation our country is going through, the options for celebrating the most terrifying night of the year, Halloween, are greatly reduced. We are used to exclusive parties with perfect costumes, surrounded by friends, good music and good drinks. This year, we have to be prudent and celebrate at home. 

None of this impedes having a great time in your own home, a place to be safe and enjoy a magical night without fear or worry. At Marissa Escorts we follow all the necessary hygiene and safety measures to keep our models and clients safe, we can guarantee that with our escorts you will be in good hands.

For Halloween and costume lovers, this is the perfect occasion to enjoy your particular party with a beautiful woman. And best of all, with that costume you have always dreamed of seeing in a practically perfect woman! We can organise a themed party for two, focused exclusively on making you happy. Sound good, right? Here are some of the thing we can do for you on this special night.

Use candles: candles are very important on Halloween night. It not only will decorate your room and help you create a more intimate atmosphere, there are also erotic candles. These candles are special, their wax reaches the perfect temperature so as not to create burns when spilt on the skin, it can be used for a unique erotic massage. It's a magical experience and this is the perfect night to try it!

Costumes: many of the models of Marissa Escortsoffer personalized services such as erotic fantasies and fetishes. And, one thing we can assure you of all of them, is that any costume you choose will fit them perfectly. We can think of many options to celebrate Halloween night and dress up together: zombie schoolgirl and teacher, modern witch and demon, policeman and delinquent, nurse and patient... Many couple costumes will make you star the night with an exciting and sexy game. We can also use these costumes to explore the world of submission and domination, which of the two roles would you like to adopt?

Let's watch a movie: horror movies are another classic of Halloween and every first date. Imagine watching one of these movies in bed with one of our beautiful models, she's sure to get scared and you have to hug her! we don't know if you will be able to finish watching the movie, although sometimes it's more interesting to create your own stories by sharing fun and erotic moments.

A very American appetizer: something very traditional on Halloween day is pumpkin pie, made mainly from roasted pumpkin and different spices: cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cloves and pepper. Cinnamon and ginger are two natural aphrodisiacs that can make the evening much more interesting. You can combine the delicious cake with the craft beers you like the most, it goes very well with toasted and black beers.

Dance!: at every worthwhile party, there is good music and people dancing. Since this year the party will have to be private and for two, the dance will also be very exclusive... Some of our escorts are specialist in erotic dances and will be happy to show you what magic is on a night like today.

Trick or treat: adults also deserve our special treats... Using special lingerie, different types of lubricants or erotic toys will make the night perfect. Our escorts love to experiment and try new things, dare to fulfil all your fantasies!

Spells: on this night of the year, we all know that witches cast their spells. Do you want to fall under the spell of our wonderful companions? Or do you prefer them to be the spell? At Marissa Escorts we are ready for anything you ask! We can leave you "paralyzed" and tied hand and foot to make you enjoy without you having to move a finger, you just have yo be willing to submit to our magic... do you dare?

If you want to spend some unique days of rest in the best company, don't hesitate to contact us and we will take care of everything you need.