Luxury weekend with escorts

Now that everything seems to be slowly returning to normal, we stop to analyze the situation and realize how much we have had to live at these last few months. During this time, uncertainty has been the queen of our lives: our freedoms have been reduced, most businesses have been affected to a greater or lesser extent, our holiday's plans have been suspended or have changed… But, amid all this chaos, there is something you can do with total freedom: enjoy a few days focused exclusively on you and your pleasure. How long has it been since you were fully happy, even if only for a weekend?

At Marissa Escorts we have a presence in all the major cities in Spain and, as we always say you, most of our escorts are available for all types of travel and displacements. So, if what you want is absolute peace, you won’t even have to leave your home to spend the most incredible and satisfying days of your life. The four walls in which we have been locked up for safety will become a place in which you will be the king. Which queen will you choose to keep you company? Our models will make the days by your side a box of surprises. Although the possibilities are endless, we tell you some of them:

Girlfriend Experience: sometimes we need something more than eroticism, enjoying this experience with one of our luxury companions is a real pleasure. Imagine one of these beautiful women adopting the attitude of a loving and devoted girlfriend, being the kind of girlfriend that you have always dreamed of. A few days in which she will fill you with warm smiles and caresses, in which you will be able to laugh like two teenagers and make the plans that you most desire, without any type of discussion or limit. Have dinner by candlelight with music in the background, talk about your interests and enjoy that overflowing passion that it’s only experienced at the beginning of a relationship.

A bath: in some areas, the temperatures already started to drop and you start to feel like taking a relaxing and warm bath in the tub or jacuzzi. In other areas, the heat is still stifling and you can still enjoy a refreshing swim in the pool or the beach. Whatever your situation is, we are sure you will love to enjoy any of these options in the company of our beautiful models. Also, they can take care of preparing everything you need to enjoy your choice to the fullest.

BDSM: some of our escorts are experts in this field and are open to taking on wither role. They can be obedient and submissive women or just the opposite, powerful women who will not hesitate to submit to you if that is what you want. Games of domination and submission, ropes, lace lingerie, high boots, whips, handcuffs… Live the experience of your dreams with the most beautiful women you will ever meet and in the strictest confidence.

Music and cinema: in Marissa Escorts you will only find women who, besides being beautiful, are intelligent and cultured. They will enjoy with you all kind of music, your favourite movies, that theatre play you have been wanting to see for a long time… For a man like you, it will be very exciting to meet a woman who lives up to all your expectations. They will be prepared to accompany you in any situation!

Fulfil all your fantasies: everyone has erotic fantasies that they would like to live at least once in their lives. Some are easy to fulfil with any woman we get along with. Other fantasies are always waiting for different reasons, don’t regret not living them! We have the perfect model to make your most secret dreams come true, once you live the experience, you can’t forget her!

Long conversations: the last few months have given us time to think and get to know ourselves better. Many of us have not been able to share our thoughts with anyone else and we are looking forward to immersing ourselves in an interesting conversation with someone who understands us. There is no topic of conversation that can resist our wonderful escorts. They will listen to you and give you their opinion, after talking for a while with one of them you will feel like a new man and prepared for all that the night has to offer.

Erotic dance: watching a dazzling woman dance sensually while she gets naked for you is a real treat. There are many films in which we can see this type of dance that leaves you breathless, do you want to recreate any of them? Perhaps you would like our models to dance to a particular song. If you let yourself be surprised, the experience may be even more exciting: the escort you choose will do an exclusive dance, just for you.

Erotic massages: a good massage couldn’t be missing from a relaxing weekend. Some of our models are experts in the art of massage, after enjoying their skills you will just want to go to bed, but the last thing you will want will be to sleep. There is a wide variety of erotic massages, recently we wrote a post explaining some of the types of massages that exist. You know that in Marissa Escorts we do not put limits to your desires, let your imagination run wild and tell us the type of massage you want.


These are just some of the things we can do for you. As you can see, at Marissa Escorts we have everything required to make you spend a few unique days where worries and everyday life have no place. Ask us any question or wish you may have and we will make sure you have one of the best experiences of your life.