Erotic massage

There are days in which, when you have finally faced up to all your responsibilities, you end up completely exhausted, not wanting to do anything but get into bed, under the comfort of your best sheets, right? Although, if you think about it, a good massage and some human warmth might feel better than going to sleep, and we are confident that it will help you regain your energy and feel happy and satisfied.

One of the services we offer at Marissa Escorts is erotic massages. Some of our girls are real experts in this field and one of their massages will transport you to heaven. You feel that, although you should be more tired, the energy and joviality comes back to you. Perhaps you think that there are much more fun things to do with a woman at the level of our wonderful escorts but, after knowing a little more about this wonderful world, we assure you that the only thing you will want is to try one of her erotic massages.

One of our most distinguished clients has decided to tell us his first experience with Marissa Escorts and erotic massages. As you will see below, our girls leave no room for indifference:

"I was having a hell of a week, the kind that looks like it's never going to end. It was only Wednesday and I couldn't wait for the weekend to come. I had been travelling all over Spain since the previous week to meet with my partners and clients, as I do every year at this time. That night I was in Madrid and, although I would have liked to go out for a drink at one of my favourite places, that night I didn't even want to leave my hotel room. What I wanted to give myself one of those whims that prepare you to catch with strength the next day.

The hotel offered several services focused on the well-being of its guests: all kinds of massages, spa, therapies with chocolate, gold or seaweed, exclusive shaving... When I was about to pick up the phone to ask for a spa session followed by a good massage, I remembered the last conversation I had with my friend Pablo. He told me that he had discovered an escort agency that made the rest of agencies look like drivel:

- It must be the best escort agency in Spain! - he told me excited.

- Pablo, don't exaggerate, we know each other. It wouldn't be a big deal either, would it? we have tried other agencies many times and there's not that much difference between one and the other, it's always the same!

- Well, try it and tell me what you think. I assure you it's not like anything we have tried before. The girls are simply from another world. It's not the typical profile of escorts who, although they have an impressive body, you can tell a mile off that they are escorts. You could even take them to dinner with your grandmother! They're in a different league. Not to mention the treatment, the services, the advice and the unbeatable attitude of the girls.

- I don't believe it until I see it!

I, who was going to settle for a simple spa and a relaxing massage, hung up the hotel phone and opened my computer again. I decided to take a look at the agency that Pablo recommended and just by looking at the website, I knew that the experience would be different from the ones I had lived. Pablo was right, the girls in this agency were totally different from what we were used to. I discovered that some of the girls offered erotic massages and it was like hearing heavenly music. In the end, I would get my massage, but a much better one than the hotel could offer. 

I contacted the agency and, after telling them what I was looking for, they asked me what kind of massage I would want. I had no idea that there were so many different erotic massages and even less idea what each one was. After explaining each one in detail, the girl asked me again what kind of massage I wanted. The truth is that everything sounded so good to me that I told them they were free to surprise me. With the appointment already made, I decided to take a bath while waiting for the girl to arrive.

I was finishing drying off when the hotel phone rang, I was called from reception to say that my guest had arrived. Since I am first and foremost a gentleman, I had ordered the best champagne I could be offered, accompanied by some seasonal strawberries and some Swiss chocolate.

Adriana came into the room and I knew I had chosen the right woman. With just one glance she fooled the room with sensuality. She began to take out of a small suitcase all the products that we would use during our time together: aromatic candles, oils, massage candles, feathers, a mask...  While she was undressing, she gave me the best erotic dance that I had ever witnessed. Adriana moved slowly and sensually, wiggling each of her pronounced curves and casting her playful gaze on me. When she took off her handkerchief, she passed it behind my neck and delicately approached her, dancing very close to me and brushing her body with mine.

I was about to start undressing when Adriana stopped me. Little by little, as she continued her dance, she took off each of the clothes I was wearing. We both ended up naked, and then she began to heat body oil with her hands and cover every corner of our bodies. It was very nice to feel her hands sliding all over my body. Then her whole body started to slide over mine with very exciting ease. When I was about to reach the most absolute ecstasy, she stopped me and asked me if I wanted to try another type of massage that would drive me completely crazy. Of course, I accepted.

She sat on me and started riding like a real horsewoman, when I was about to ask her what made that massage different from conventional sex, I understood everything. Adriana taught me that massages are not only given with the hands but also with the most intimate part of a woman, exerting pressure with the vaginal muscles while the two of us melted into one. I don't remember ever having experienced such intense pleasure before, I swear it was an experience from another world. At the end of our date, I knew I had found my trusted escort agency."