Escorts Fallas 2022

This past weekend the city of Valencia saw the starting pistol of the Fallas. For the first time, a Cordà was held in the Town Hall Square and, with the Cridà, the Falleras Mayores of Valencia announced the whole city that Fallas had begun. Two years after the pandemic forced the cancellation of the 2020 Fallas, the year has finally arrived in which the festivities will once again be held on their official dates and with minimal health restrictions. It will be the first festivities to be celebrated normally throughout Europe since 2019. The pandemic seems to be coming to an end and, this Fallas, we are going to celebrate in style. Come and enjoy them with Marissa Escorts!

You may have already experienced the Fallas in Valencia at some point, or perhaps you have never been to this city during March. Whether you have or not, you will surely have heard about these unique festivities in which light, colour, pyrotechnics, fire and fun rule the city for almost the entire month of March. This is the perfect year to experience them first hand, a year in which Fallas will be celebrated with special emotion and fervour.

As every year, the Town Hall Square will once again host the traditional mascletàs every day at 14:00 hours, from the 1st to the 19th of March. There are two ways to try this magical experience and, at Marissa Escorts, we recommend trying both at least once in your life. One way is the way most people see them: in the street, where the sound of firecrackers bounces with the buildings and is magnified, where you feel the ground rumbling beneath your feet and the excitement of the crowd surrounds you.

The other option, much more elegant than the previous one, is to watch it from one of the balconies surrounding the Town Hall Square. This is an experience that only the most privileged lives on: you can enjoy all the essence of a mascletà without having to dive into the hustle and bustle of a crowded square. These balconies usually offer snacks and a good selection of drinks to liven up the mascletà. You will be able to enjoy one of the most representative events of the Fallas in an intimate way and without missing any detail, as you will see the mascletà cage from above.

This year will also be different mascletàs at night, both in the Town Hall Square and in different parts of the city of Valencia. The night in Fallas gives Valencia a special touch and everything to do with fire and pyrotechnics is highlighted by the darkness of the night. It can be the perfect time to enjoy a mascletà accompanied by one of our dazzling models. Although we don’t know who will give off more light, the Fallas or the wonderful escorts of Marissa Escorts, they are a feast for all the senses!

As we said, from the 1st to the 19th of March, different events will be held every day, including the tribute of the Armed Forces to the Falleras Mayores and their Courts of Honour. But it is on Tuesday 15th when the big week of the Fallas begins, the days you can’t miss if you want to enjoy the Fallas festivities in all their splendour. From first thing in the morning, you can see how the children’s fallas begin to be planted in every corner, a work that will have begun the night before in all the city’s fallas houses. It’s exciting to see how the monuments, which have been worked on for a whole year, begin to take shape before the eyes of the whole city.

That same night, Valencia will experience l’Albà of the Falles, a moment when the whole city fills with light, colour and noise. From each of the fallas, a battery of 25 shots are fired in unison at 00:00 hours, warning the whole of Valencia that it is the night of the Plantà (the moment when the big fallas monuments start to be planted). This is a warning the best days of March are officially beginning. There will be a fireworks display in the Town Hall Square as part of this magical night, not to be missed!

On the 16th all the monuments will already be planted or finalizing details. It is the perfect time to take a walk around the city and discover the monument of each of the most emblematic fallas. Our charming escorts will be happy to accompany you and show you the essential route that every Valencian does during the Fallas. These are days of walking and discovering, at lunchtime, you will be grateful to have a good restaurant booked. Perhaps you would like to enjoy an excellent paella or taste the dishes of one of the Michelin Star Restaurants in Valencia. Tell us your preferences, in Marissa Escorts we will be happy to take care of all those details so that you only have to enjoy yourself.

From the 16th onwards, as every year, the nightly fireworks display will begin to be enjoyed on the Paseo of the Alameda. The sky is filled with light and colour, making it one of the most spectacular events of the Fallas. On the 17th, the Offering of flowers to the Mare de Déu (Mother of God) begins. Whether you are a believer or not, this is a spectacle worth enjoying. Falleras and falleros from all over the city pay the most emotional tribute to the patron saint of the city, creating with all their offerings a mantle of flowers to the image of a giant virgin.

The 18th continues with the Offering, which will close with the entrance of the Fallera Mayor and her Court of Honour in the Virgin’s Square. When the Fallera Mayor arrives at the Paseo of the Alameda to give the order to start the show, the Nit del Foc (Night of Fire) will begin. Although on the 16th and 17th there will already have been nightly fireworks displays, this is undoubtedly the last and most special of the festivities. If you had to choose one, this is the one you can’t miss.

The 19th marks the end of such magical festivities as the Fallas. Saint Joseph’s Day coincides with Father’s Day, it is the only public holiday of the festivities and the streets and restaurants fill up with people. It is the day when most people take the opportunity to see the Fallas monuments, so if you don’t like large crowds, we recommend you go a few days before to see them.

In the afternoon, in Colón Street, the Cabalgata del Fuego (Fire Parade) is held. Another of the great spectacles of the festivities in which, as its name suggests, fire and light predominate. At 10:00 hours, the Cremà of the children’s fallas begins, the event in which the great monuments that decore the city are reduced to ashes. The children’s falla in the Town Hall Square burns at 21:00 hours and at 22:00 hours the Cremates of the big fallas begins, which will succumb to the fire one after the other throughout the night. The big falla of the Town Hall will be burnt at 23:00 hours. With this act, in which falleras and Valencians shed tears of emotion, the Fallas of Valencia come to an end.

The Fallas is one of those festivities that you have to enjoy at least once in your life, although some people come to experience it every year! Whether you come alone or with friends, we are sure you will be delighted to be accompanied by the amazing models from Marissa Escorts. They will make every minute you spend in the city even more magical, sexy and memorable and, of course, you have someone who knows the city and the festivities to recommend you the best plans at every moment. The mixture of Fallas and Marissa Escorts is an experience only available to the lucky ones, don’t hesitate to contact us to start living it!