Luxury escorts for summer

As The Beatles song says, here comes the sun! This seems like a great song for the times we are living in, and not only because summer will be coming to our lives this week, but also because the nightmare we have been living in the form of a pandemic seems to be coming to an end. We have missed spring, one of the best seasons of the year, but don't worry! We still have the best thing left to experience: summer.

Finally, it seems that this summer we will be allowed to travel, at least, within the Spanish territory. At Marissa Escorts we are already thinking about summer holidays: while some of us are looking forward to going to the coast to get tan and enjoy the sea breeze, others are already planning mountain routes in their favourite destinations or cultural visits to Spain's most emblematic cities. As you can see, when it comes to choosing a holiday destination, our girls are divided, but there is one thing they all agree on: they want to know where you will enjoy your summer holidays!

The girls are not only available in their respective cities, but they can also accompany you to any city you decide to travel to this summer. In case you still haven't decided what to do on your holidays, some of our beautiful escorts have decided to tell you about some of their trips with our clients:


"One summer I spent the month of July touring Galicia with one of our clients. He had some professional commitments there and, as he would have business visits distributed along the month, he decided to go and visit Galicia during all July. He didn't feel like doing it alone and he didn't hesitate to contact Marissa Escorts, he knew we wouldn't let him down.

But work is not the only thing in this life, so we also enjoy the beautiful Galician beaches, its impressive and well-cared gastronomy, the historical monuments, its wild nature and also its parties and fairs. If nature is your weak point, I would highlight from this trip the natural parks and the paradisiacal Galician islands and beaches, in particular, the beach of Rhodes, with its white sand and crystal clear waters, considered the best beach in the world by The Guardian a few years ago".


"I remember very fondly the boat trip we took a few years ago to the Balearic Islands. A group of young men were going to spend a few days on holiday by boat and, to make the trip even more fun, we were some of the girls from Marissa Escorts. It was one of those trips where you lose track of time and it's very hard to go back home.

The boys were very fun and polity, it was like taking a trip with lifelong friends and we all had a great time. It was absolutely calm and, as soon as you got up, you enjoyed the first warm rays of the sun and the sea breeze, we go out for breakfast already in a bikini! Some days we would get off the boat to visit different islands but, in reality, on the boat, we had everything we needed: exquisite food, top quality drinks and, above all, the best company. On this trip, hedonism was king".


"Last year I took a romantic trip with one of our clients who wanted a Girlfriend Experience. We went to a rural house in Asturias, it was in the middle of the mountain and, from the picture windows, the views were impressive. Everything is majestic in Asturias: its great mountains and green meadows, the lakes and the forests that seem to have been taken from a fairy tale, its rivers and beaches... It's a city that has everything and very beautiful.

It's a perfect trip if you want to relax, enjoy the mountains and a less hot climate than in most of Spain during the summer, the kind where you have to put on a blanket over at night. We watched the sunset on the porch of the house, with a good glass of wine and a little music in the background. These were magical days in which, what there was most of all, was passion".


If you want to experience different days this holidays, where you have a companion who fills you with attention, love and eroticism, don't hesitate to contact us to plan a few days that you will never want to end. As you have seen, our luxury escorts love to travel with you and, as far as we know, those who have enjoyed a holiday with them, wish they could have taken them home! And you, do you want to enjoy the summer with us?