Summer on a boat

Although the hot weather has been here for a long time, we can now officially say that summer is here. July is almost here and, with it, the summer holidays for practically the whole country. The only bad thing about summer is that, wherever you go, it’s going to be crowded. 

But if you want to experience a luxury holiday like the ones we will tell you about today, you are in luck: we can offer you a few days off without having to deal with the crowds. How would you like to spend a few days by the sea with our exclusive models? We will tell you everything Marissa Escorts can do for you this summer!

Incredible models: as you already know, at Marissa Escorts we have the most elegant, prepared and dazzling escorts in the country. We are a demanding agency and each of our escorts is a demonstration of this. Although our models reside in different cities of the country, most of them are available for all kinds of trips and events. If you let us know in advance, we can coordinate everything necessary to ensure that you have the escort of your dreams for your next holiday, don’t stay with the desire to live that experience!

Luxury yacht charter: at Marissa Escorts we have a wide range of exclusive services, including luxury yacht charter. If this summer you feel like getting lost in the sea and the beauty of our models, we have everything you need to make your experience perfect. You won’t have to worry about a thing, we will take care of all the necessary arrangements to make your holiday a headache-free experience.

VIP area bookings: tell us where you want to spend your holiday and what kind of entertainment you are interested in and we will offer you different VIP options in the most fashionable places in the area. We will take care of the necessary reservations and we will make sure that we always offer you exclusive and personalized services, every minute of your trip will exceed your highest expectations.

Private parties: maybe this holiday you just want to enjoy the sea and your beautiful companions, but maybe you also want to have a party with your friends. At Marissa Escorts we are experts in organizing private parties of the highest level. If you want to offer a unique experience to your guests and live with them a night of fun, fantasy and sensuality, don’t hesitate to tell us your plans and we will make sure to take them to the next level, your party will be epic!

Concierge service: at Marissa Escorts we take care of managing all your transfers in a simple, comfortable and extremely discreet and confidential way. Forget about taking taxis or other transportation: we guarantee maximum discretion and exclusive transfer service, adapted to your needs and plans. We pick you up where and when you need it, without uncomfortable waiting.

Threesomes and exchanges: don’t settle for just one escort, you can have as many as you want! Most of our escorts offer threesomes and exchanges. If you go on holiday with two or more of our escorts, you will understand the spirit of companionship. They get along very well with each other and show great complicity. Sharing experiences such as trips and private parties is a magical opportunity for them, enjoy double, triple o multiply the pleasure as many times as you want by hiring the services of several of our escorts!

Erotic fantasies: summer is the adults’ Christmas. There’s no better time than a relaxing and exclusive holiday to cross a few items off your list of erotic fantasies, is there? Tell us your wet dreams and we assure you that, whatever they are, we look forward to making them come true. An expert of pleasure, as our models are, is the perfect person to open new doors to your sexuality.

Discretion and confidentiality: we guarantee that your privacy is completely safe in our hands. Our long history and extensive experience are our guarantees. Enjoy your holidays with the absolute peace of mind that comes from knowing that your secrets are completely safe. Trust with our clients is the key to our success: what happens in Marissa Escorts, stays only between you and us.

In short, at Marissa Escorts we offer you the trip of your dreams: you are in charge of imagining it and we are in charge of making it come true. Dream big, there is nothing we can’t offer you, your desires have no limit in our agency. If you are not sure what you need, contact us and together we will design a unique and unrepeatable holiday, completely adapted to a man like you and all your tastes and needs. What do you say? Will you get on our boat this summer?