Fantasías eróticas escort

Today we feel more liberated than ever in the sexual field. We understand sexual fantasies as something common and not to be ashamed of, any sexual practice is wonderful if the people involved enjoy it! There are very common fantasies, which practically any man has ever wanted, but there are also others that are less common and no less valid. There is no reason to be ashamed of our intimate desires, dare to tell us yours! At Marissa Escorts we have the perfect woman to make them come true.

In case you can't think of any fantasy, our girls have wanted to be an inspiration to you. They have told us some of their erotic fantasies and some of the ones they have experienced with their clients. We tell you all about them in today's article! As you can see, whatever your fetish is, we have the perfect luxury escort to fulfill it.

Spending a night with a MILF: a few years ago, any man's fantasy was to be with a young girl, preferably under 25. Today, all this has changed, or perhaps what has changed is our modesty in talking about certain subjects. Today, MILFs are fashionable: there are many men, young and elder, who would like to lie down with a mature woman, above 40 because, if there is something really sexy, it is the experience and security that only the years bring. Can there be anything more exciting than a woman who is clear about what she wants and who knows very well how to drive you crazy?

Seeing your partner enjoying with another woman: there is something about eroticism between two women that makes men lose control and, truthfully, we understand it perfectly. If the body of a woman is pure art, the bodies os two beautiful women kissing and caressing each other with their mischievous hands must be one of the wonders of the world. Many men fantasize about seeing his wife in bed with another woman, and also about seeing two complete female strangers having sex. Many of our girls offer threesomes, couple services, etc. If this has always been your fantasy, don't hesitate to ask us how we can make it come true.

Two sexy women washing your car in front of you: this is one of the great fantasies of any man. Cinema has a great influence on our sexual desires and this fantasy is a very recurrent scene in American cinema. Imagine spending the weekend in a villa with two of our girls: with the heat these days, it's the perfect time to take out the hose and a couple of buckets of soap and sponges. They'd have such a good time playing with each other while leaving your car sparkling... What a sweet experience!

Being in complete control: many men like to be the dominant force in sexual relationships and, best of all, many women like to be subdued. Our girls have a lot of initiative and they have character, but sometimes they also like to let themselves be carried away by the experience of a man like you. A strong and determined man who does with them what he wants most, it's the fantasy of many women. Losing control under the control of expert hands may be very exciting.

A chance meeting with an impressive woman: another of the grate male dreams is this, to meet a perfect woman by chance and, after a brief exchange of words, end up in bed together. We can't assure you that this will happen in real life, but our girls will be delighted to have a chance meeting with a handsome stranger like you. Where will you meet? The possibilities are endless: running, in a shopping centre, in a fancy restaurant, in the cinema, visiting a museum...

Be part of an orgy: this fantasy is very common in both men and women, many of our girls would be pleased to make it come true! Would you like us to organize one? Call those friends with whom you have had the best parties of your life, we will bring the feminine beauty! A wild weekend in a private apartment or wherever you choose will be an experience you will remember for a lifetime, are you going to miss it?

The world of erotic fantasies is very extensive, we could talk about them all day long and not finish! What we are really interested in is knowing what your fantasies are and starting to think about how to make you the happiest man in the world, are you in? Tell us your unmentionable wishes, we know how to keep a secret!