Luxury escorts in Ibiza

If you're like us, surely you enjoy spending a few summer days in one of the most emblematic islands of Spanish luxury: Ibiza. This year, just worry about enjoying: leave everything in our hands and live a luxury holidays in Ibiza with our companion girls.

In Marissa Escorts we have all the ingredients to make your holidays magical and unforgettable: the most beautiful, sexy and elegant women you'll ever find, and the most exclusive and luxurious services tailored to each one of our clients.

Are you one of those who prefer to visit the island from land, do you prefer to know it from the sea, or do you want to have it all? You can stay in the best hotels in the city or in a discreet and cozy apartment and, for those days in which you want to explore the most beautiful coves from the sea, you can rent a luxury yacht. We will help you to plan everything you need, you just must to tell us your preferences!

A boat, whatever the type it is, allows you to live the island from another perspective and, most importantly for us and for many of our clients: from the most absolute privacy and discretion. You won't have to listen to anyone but yourself and the sound of the sea, you can sunbathe in an intimate environment and bathe in the most crystalline waters.

Imagine having the girl you choose wearing a beautiful bikini from the early hours of the morning and taking care that you don't burn your body with the sun, putting you cream every time you need it, or giving you a sensual massage. The hours with her will pass quickly! And, when you feel like ir, you can put on your best clothes and go out for a drink in the most select places in Ibiza.

If you want gastronomic recommendations, some of our favourite restaurants are Sublimotion and Zela, although if you let yourself be advised by our luxury companions, you will surely have a pleasant surprise. If you want yo live a unique and innovative experience, Sublimotion is the restaurant you are looking for. In this restaurant you can live a gastronimic experience in which the five senses intervene. It's the first gastronomic show in the world and features with the chef Paco Roncero, who has two Michelin Stars.

Meanwhile, in Zela you can find an wxotic gastronomic proposal designed by the chef Ricardo Sanz, holder os 4 Michelin Stars. The menu is based on Japanese cuisine and different Asian specialities fused with Mediterranean cuisine. If you feel like enjoying fresh, seasonal and local products, this is your restaurant.

If you want to experience the most hippy and exclusive side if the island, you can't miss Las Dalias markets. The night markets are more relaxed and have unique stands for these nights, selected with stricts criteria of quality and originality. August nights are a perfect time to visit this magical place while enjoying a refreshing drink, with the unbeatable company of our beautiful and accommodating luxury escorts.

We can offer you everything you need to enjoy your stay in Ibiza: impressive luxury escorts, reservations at the best restaurants and venues, concierge services for our girls and those you need during the displacements you need during the trip, the most luxurious and exclusive services... Satisfying your desires is our greatest pride, you just must to contact us and tell us what your dreams are!