Private parties

In Marissa Escorts we are specialists in the art of living well: we can offer you from the best love arts to the most luxurious services in the most elegant and distinguished cities, without forgetting our private parties for elite clients. We can arrange your appointment on a dreamy yacht, in one of our private apartments or wherever you prefer.

What we can assure you if you count on Marissa Escorts to organize your private event, is that it will be an unforgettable party for both you and your guests, that event that everyone will talk about no matter how much time passes. We can help you to organize every kind of events:

Bachelor parties: when a couple gets married, the task of organizing the bachelor party falls on the closest friends of the couple and it may be a real headache. Surely you want to give your friend an unbeatable party he will never forget: a sophisticated place, elegant and fun girls, exquisite cuisine paired with the best beverages...

The rest of the elements may be easy to find, but to surround yourself with the best company girls you will need Marissa Escorts, we will prepare a magical night for you! We will advise you on everything you need and we will recommend you the best and most exclusive premises in the city where you will celebrate the bachelor party. You won't have to worry about anything!

Exclusive themed parties: after a whole year of working without rest, when the summer holidays arrive we all want to gather our friends and to do some intimate party in the chalet or the holiday home, right? It doesn't matter if it is an Ibicencan party or a Hawaiian one, a party inspired by Greek mythology or by masked dances of the 15th century, in Marissa Escorts we have the most beautiful and exuberant women to liven up all your parties.

Imagine our beautifil models dressed in a flowing white dress and a wreath of flowers, with a Greek tunic or with a bikini that highlights all their attributes. They will be like goddesses directly descended from Olympus to your party to satisfy each and every one of your desires.

Birthday celebrations: when we get older, birthday celebrations are reduced to barbecues with friends and their wifes and children. If you're the single friend of the group or, if you simply want to have a good time with friends away from the daily routine, in Marissa Escorts we can arrange the perfect birthday for you.

Imagine a luxury, modern and minimalist apartment, the best views of the city, a private pool and the best luxury escorts waiting for your arrival. You won't be in heaven, but it will seem to you that you are surrounded by angels!

Party on the high seas: a luxury yacht or a dreamy sailboat? Whatever your preferences are, in Marissa Escorts we are prepared to always offer a service of the highest quality to each one of our clients. We will tailor the trip to suit your needs, prepare a route through the best and most exclusive creeks, you will have at your disposal everything you may need and our girls will fill each corner of the boat with sensuality and fantasy.

Whether it's a business trip or a party with friends, the result will always be the same: you will become the perfect host, capable of organizing the best private meetings impossible to forget.

Party in the snow: when the winter comes, there is nothing better than going a few days to ski with friends. If you add to this the best villa in the area with the most coveted company girls, ready to warm out that cold environment for you, we have the formula for a perfect trip, right? As much as temperatures drop, with our beautiful models walking around the house we are sure you won't go cold.

Erotic parties: if you don't want your party to be just a good excuse to spend a magical time with our girls, you may prefer our girls to be precisely the reason to celebrate your party. If we are experts in something in Marissa Escorts, it is in the eroticism and sensuality of luxury. We can prepare for you and whoever you want an erotic party: exchanges of couples, orgies, sexual fantasies and fetishes...

The limits are only puted by you and your guests, our luxury escorts will be prepared to satisfy each one of your desires. We will send the perfect girls for you, that is the reason why it's necessary to arrange this kind of services with a little advance to ensure the availability of the girls that better fit your preferences.

Don't be afraid to delve into the limits of the unexplored, remember that at Marissa Escorts we are known for offering the best services with the utmost discretion. Your secrets are safe with us and your party will be as private as each one of the appointments we organize. Consult us and let's start dreaming together!