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Now that summer is approaching, I can’t help remembering the best party I have ever had in my life. It took place a few years ago, shortly before we knew the consequences that a pandemic could bring to our lives. It was summer and one of my lifelong group of friends was entering his 40s.

He was the first of the group to celebrate his birthday and, taking advantage of the excuse of having something important to celebrate, the rest of us wanted to throw him a surprise party. Not only that, we wanted to prepare the best party he had ever had. We succeeded: several years have passed and no other party has surpassed it. Although, maybe now that everything seems to be back to normal, we will try to top it this summer.

But now let’s focus on that party, THE party. We had been preparing everything for weeks: we had rented a luxurious villa on a coastal cliff, with an infinity pool and small stairs that led directly to the beach, a small cove that could only be reached by boat or from our accommodation.

It was an incredible house, with avant-garde and minimalist architecture, with beautifully manicured gardens and full of those little details that let you know that a house has been built with care. We hired several chefs to cook in front of us and we chose the menu with them, as well as a ham cutter and a mixologist, in charge of preparing all kinds of gin tonics and other cocktails.

I just wanted to enjoy some incredible days with my lifelong friends, but they insisted that female company was a must for a party like the one we were preparing. There were no women in our group and we had never included in our plans the couples we had had over the years. They wanted to hire some luxury escorts to make those days even more special.

I didn’t agree. It had only been a few weeks since I had left my girlfriend for 4 years, and all I wanted was to have fun without filters, drink, remember old times and spend long hours between the pool and the almost private beach we had at our disposal. But I was the only one who didn’t want to see a single woman those days, so I gave in and my friends contacted an escort agency, the best they could find.

They insisted that there should be one woman for every man in the group, although I told them several times that I was not to be counted on. It seemed that they had finally given up, but all they did was lie to me because, on the day our celebration began, I saw 13 stunning women come in one by one. At my disapproving gesture, one of them told me not to be a spoilsport, they had thought it would be awkward to see me alone while they enjoyed the unbeatable company of the models.

We introduced ourselves and at the beginning of the party, we just looked like a big group of friends having a good time, making jokes, enjoying the exquisite food and enjoying the open bar. But, at one point in the evening, couples began to form between our beautiful companions and my friends. And there she was, a dazzling redhead with green eyes who had been going all out for me throughout the evening.

She was a very nice woman, intelligent, with good conversation and, of course, an otherworldly beauty. Although I tried to keep my distance, she stayed with me all night and, with each of her caresses, I felt that my resounding no was turning into a big yes. I am sure that the insistence of this beautiful woman was the work of my friends: they know that redheads are my downfall and that beautiful eyes and voluptuous lips are my doom.

As soon as we began to talk at greater length, I realized how stupid I had been to waste precious hours of her company. We talked about our lives and our dreams and, to my surprise, I realized that I had before me one of the most incredible women I had ever met in my life, physically and intellectually. 

As we were immersed in one of the most interesting conversations I have ever enjoyed, someone shouted “shot-round!” and we all came to make the fourteenth toast of the night to the birthday boy. After that, everyone carried on with their wild partying and started throwing each other in the pool. That kind of craziness is what I had originally expected from this party. But at that moment I only wanted one thing: to keep getting to know this escort who had broken all my schemes.

I asked her to get the drinks and I grabbed one of the torches from the garden and a couple of giant cushions. We walked down the little stairs that separated us from the cove and suddenly there we were: enjoying an impromptu intimate rendezvous. We drank, laughed and chatted until silence fell. The two of us looked at each other as if there was nothing else around us, we gradually moved closer and closer until we were kissing. 

It was the kind of kiss that send a shiver through your body from head to toe. After a long time of intense kissing, we decided to go back up to the house. Some of my friends had already gone to their rooms, others were enjoying their last drink with their companions and a few were enjoying the pool. I tried to keep a low profile, but suddenly someone shouted “Look! The one who didn’t want company!” We all laughed and that beautiful red-haired woman and I went to my room.

Not only did her hair look like fire, but every millimetre of skin was exposed when she, in one agile movement, dropped her dress. We took a dip in the jacuzzi and amidst the bubbles, the tension grew. We landed on the sheets still soaking and rolling around. The moonlight flooded the room and there, with the sea in front of us, we created the most intense night of passion I have ever experienced.

My friends agree that it was the best party we have ever had. I believe them because even though in the end I spent more time with my companion than with them, it was for me too. We are already making plans for the big party this summer. If you also want to live the best night of your life, don’t hesitate to count on the company of Marissa Escorts, I assure you that they don’t disappoint!