The true luxury escort

Today we want to talk to you about a very serious subject that has been dotting our reputation for some time now, a reputation that we have created from the beginning with our good work and, above all, with a relationship of respect for both our escorts and our clients. We are aware that many women are cruelly exploited daily, we condemn sexual exploitation and human trafficking and at Marissa Escorts we want to assure you that these situations don't happen in our agency.

We defend the freedom and decision-making power of all women. We believe that if a woman has all the information about the world of escorting and decides to enter it freely, no one should question her decision. The models that are part of Marissa Escorts had already decided to be luxury escorts a long time ago and they come to the agency so that we can take their agenda and filter the appointments they request. They are the ones who make all the decisions: their availability, the services they offer, the type of client they accept, etc.

In Marissa Escorts we offer an exclusive service and an exquisite treatment to the client, high standards that couldn’t be fulfilled if the models hadn’t taken this decision freely and they were absolutely convinced and comfortable with it. We study in-depth all the profiles that apply to the agency and we only accept those women who don’t have a single doubt, who show us that they are going to enjoy the meetings with our clients, that they will perform naturally in all kinds of events, etc. We believe that this is the only way to forge trusting relationships with our clients, something very important for a true luxury agency like ours.

Our casting is very demanding, we have a very well defined profile and we believe that it fits perfectly with the prototype of the free and powerful woman of today:

- Studies: all our escorts have studied or are studying. Many of them are university or master’s students and, although they have already finished their studies, most of them are in continuous training, constantly renewing themselves. They are restless women who struggle to fulfil their dreams.

- Work: those models who have already finished their studies, devote themselves to very varied professions: businesswomen, hostesses, administrators, nurses, dancers, models, fitness instructors, actresses, real state and tourism professionals… They feel real passion for their profession and don’t see the world of escorting as a way of life, but as another facet that they incorporate into their daily lives.

- Hobbies: not everything in this life in work and our models know it. They are very active women who want to make the most of their free time and enjoy life. They have very diverse hobbies and like to spend as much time on it as they can.

- Social life: the ladies who are part of the agency have a very active social life, they are very social people who like to be surrounded by people. They enjoy attending conferences, exhibitions, parades, exclusive parties, concerts of all kinds, theatre plays, travels… They are pure energy and don’t want to waste a minute of their lives.

Having a life as active as our models is not easy. They have many interests and like to spend time in all of them, so they don’t want to lose a second in the work we do for them at the agency. When they feel comfortable and can devote time to their escorting facet, they do so and give themselves completely. Not only our clients are demanding, but also the incredible women we count on.

Another of the main reasons why they count on our agency is the absolute discretion that characterizes Marissa Escorts. They are successful women who relate to a lot of people in their day to day, they don’t feel comfortable exposing themselves openly on any website. Our clients are loyal to the agency and we have a relationship of absolute trust with them. When an escort asks for discretion, we only show their photos to clients who have been with the agency for a long time and who are part of Marissa Escorts’ private area, ensuring that they maintain the anonymity that makes them feel so comfortable.

Finally, our models don’t have to worry about their safety at any time or analyze all appointment requests to make sure they aren’t at risk. They know that at the agency we carefully filter each client and that we only select respectful, successful men who won’t cause them any problems and who will be willing to pay whatever they establish to have their company. We take care of our models and therefore not just anyone can be a client of Marissa Escorts.

It’s not easy to be an escort on your own and our escorts know it, some have been previously and all of them can do it while being in the agency, but they usually dedicate to this world very punctual moments, when their agenda allows it and they really feel like it, so when they do it, they don’t want to waste time in the matters we take care of in the agency. They have their studies, work, hobbies and social circle when they have an appointment sporadically, they want to do it without complications or commitments of any kind.

Our goal is that when a woman decides to enter the world of escorting, she can do so freely, safely and maintaining her independence at all times. Furthermore, we know that the most important thing about the agency is our models, without them we couldn’t offer the excellence in our services nor would be the prestigious agency that we are today. We will always treat them with the utmost respect and will take care of them down the smallest detail.

Currently, as those of you who know us knows, we have established all the necessary hygiene and safety measures to keep both our clients and our models safe. At the moment the private parties are suspended by prudence, in the agency we follow all the established protocols and all the events that we organize are done with total security.